Apologetics Use of Simon Greenleaf – Lying for Jesus

The meme seen below displays a common apologetic claim.

The basics of it are:

Greenleaf was an agnostic, some say atheist, who believed the resurrection of Jesus Christ was either a hoax or a myth.  No stranger to truth, and to the proof of the truth, Greenleaf was a principal founder of the Harvard Law School and a world-renowned expert on evidence. Challenged by one of his students one day to “consider the evidence” for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Greenleaf set out to disprove it, but ended up concluding that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was indeed fact, not fiction.  Being a man of conviction and reason, and in accordance with his conclusions, Greenleaf converted from Agnosticism to Christianity.

Greenleaf was not an atheist or agnostic or Jew that converted to Christianity by the evidence for the resurrection. He was livelong, active member of the Episcopal Church. He set out to “prove” what he already believed to be true. There is no evidence that he was challenged by his students. While there are elements of truth to the story, the major points which make this a compelling argument for some apologist are not true.
Greenleaf was on the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Maine of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1827.
(see here) His book was published in 1846.

Not very agnostic/atheist of him.

Just more lying for Jesus. Or at least repeating a lie.

Proverbs 13:5


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