More on the delusional Christian that wrecked the Ten Commandments Monument

More on the Christian who drove is car into the Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma City and then urinated on it.

At least twice now, Michael Tate Reed II has purged himself of all his belongings, setting them outside his home for anyone to take.

“I’m going to Bible college,” Reed wrote in a Facebook post in August last year, “and God told me to give away my stuff and to trust in him to supply all my needs according to ‘His’ riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

…His first major mental health breakdown would come when Reed locked himself in one of the CityPlex Towers, the tall golden buildings near Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. He told his friends and family he needed to shut down the building’s electricity because he wanted to see something.

Reed had come to equate light to his religion, saying that God was light, Lynch said.

“…there was a thunderstorm. He was convinced it was following him. Reed told his friends and family that he needed to protect them, and he left.”

“he wrecked his newer model Chevrolet Camaro. He told his mother that there had been someone sitting in the seat next to him, telling him to wreck his car.”

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